Optimum Chance

Optimum Chance This pin was created as a memorial to Barbara Salamy, founder and Director of Optimum Chance, to celebrate her life and contributions to young children with disabilities and their families. Barbara was an R.N. (with a holistic philosophy) working with an early intervention team of therapists and instructors, treating children aged birth-to-three with challenging disabilities. In 1993, under the auspices of Optimum Chance, Barbara took the process to St. Kitts/Nevis in the Caribbean. She and her team provided services to over 600 children over the course of 10 years. Barbara died of ovarian cancer in September 2006, but her team continues, having made their 11th visit in March 2007.

Thie pin signifies a mother and her infant in a design that memorializes the Optimum Chance effforts. The teal stones incorporated in the design signify the awareness of ovarian cancer. All profits from this pin will go toward continuing the work of the Optimum Chance Team.

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