About Liztech

After twenty eight years in the business of making craft into art, Jill has weathered it all and come out sparkling. For those unfamiliar with the hand crafted jewelry of Liztech, it's hard to describe the charm and whimsy of the cold connected, architectural laminate pins or the jeweled, reflective sparkle of the Cuff bracelets Jill has artfully crafted in her upstairs studio. Even harder to describe is the reaction and frenzied response to her designs which are manufactured in a small studio in an old, repurposed bank in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and sold around the world.

Born to parents Edgar and Betty Jones, Jill Elizabeth was one of three children in a home where artistic ability was fostered and supported. Much of Jill’s inspiration as an artist was drawn from her mother, Betty, whose steadfast belief in her abilities encouraged her curiosity and interest. As a young child, Jill’s mother would hang her art work on a clothesline throughout their home and invite neighbors in to view her work. In essence, her childhood home was her first gallery and her mother, her greatest fan.

After leaving home and earning her degree in art education from Kutztown University, Jill spent a short time teaching. The idea of Liztech, however, was born long before as a young girl scout who became fascinated with copper enamel and jewelry making, after being introduced to it at Camp Redwing. This will influence the rest of her life. At the young age of 14 she was already selling handmade jewelry at local craft shows in Scranton, Pennsylvania. What was to follow were years of traveling the world in search of inspiration. As is works out, Elizabeth settled in Pennsylvania and engrossed herself in the art of jewelry making and community building. Today, she is a local legend in her own right and the street which houses her Gallery and studio is testament to her powerful presence.

1985 marks the year of the birth of Liztech jewelry. Before this time, Jill spent years studying various art forms and experimenting with numerous techniques and did production work for studio jeweler from the east coast to the west coast. It was not until the unexpected discovery of the mirrored architectural laminate made of aluminum, polyethylene and electroplated chrome that the first piece of true Liztech jewelry was created. As the technique began to become refined, vintage glass stones were introduced to showcase and honor the glory days of this dying art form. Jill Elizabeth has gone on to develop hundreds of original deigns of pins, earrings, tacks, necklaces and bracelets. Her art has been cited by numerous organizations and art councils and she has been commissioned by over seventy-five non-profit organizations to create original pieces for fundraising. Each and every piece, handmade, one at a time in the Pocono Mountains.

It isn't just the beauty and sentiment of the jewelry Jill creates that has the world collecting her pieces, it's the manner and style in which the jewelry is crafted. In an industry inundated with copied, mass produced styles, Jill's crafts have provided a refreshed, new approach to the age old art of wearing jewelry well. To know good jewelry seems to be synonymous with knowing and loving the art of Jill Elizabeth of Liztech Jewelry.



Liztech is a member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.