Devereux Foundation

Devereux Foundation“ As our son Steve was growing up, we never imagined that we’d find anyone that would care about him as much as we do, but we have. Our son has found at Devereux, a very happy and fulfilling life.
-M.T., Steve’s mom

Forging Hope for Families is our primary mission throughout Devereux’s residential and day programs that are privately set throughout the Pocono/Northeast. Devereux’s services exist beyond any four walls. Our consumers belong to churches and synagogues and sing in their choirs. They have vital friendships, jobs, shop and picnic locally and volunteer in community projects.
Our founder, special educator Helena Devereux, said in 1912: “Every person is a program.”

The non-profit Devereux Foundation – Pocono Center, for over 26 years, creates communities of hope for adults with special needs, such as mental retardation, TBI/head injury, emotional disorders, autism, and dementia.