Domestic Abuse and Rape Crisis Center Inc.

Domestic Abuse and Rape Crisis Center Inc., incorporated in 1980, is a non-profit organization which provides services to Warren County residents who are victims, or potential victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The mission of the Domestic Abuse and Rape Crisis Center is to help prevent domestic violence and sexual assault and to provide services to individuals, their families and significant others who have experienced either or both. This pin with its "rising sun" represents a new day and a new beginning for victims and their families. Through our "umbrella" of programs and services our staff is able to provide a safe haven and offer assistance to help women through the struggles and entanglement of their lives, represented by the intertwining beadwork, all with the hope of being able to "bloom" and grow into a life free of violence. These programs and services would not be available without the long time support and generosity of individuals and businesses in the community. Thank you for your donation and for helping us to be able to make a difference!

24 Hour Hotline 908-475-8408 ....... For more information please go to: